The easiest way to increase patient satisfaction and clinic revenue. offers vaporizer starter kits for medical cannabis clinics. Making it easy for the patient to buy on site and online, each starter kit includes a vaporizer, case, grinder and cleaning supplies. Patients also gain access to our support portal which has one-on-one support, videos and FAQs to help patients learn to use and care for all the items.

Rapid Relief

Whether it’s acute pain or panic attacks, most cannabis patients prioritize quick relief of symptoms. Using a vaporizer starter kit can safely ease symptoms in seconds, not minutes.

Easy to use

Vaporizing cannabis is simple, clean, and convenient. All our vaporizer kits have been selected for their simplicity and practical design, making your cannabis experience easy


You can take your vaporizer with you just about anywhere you go so you can maintain your busy schedule. Every portable vaporizer kit comes complete with its own carrying case and requisite accessories, making it convenient and discreet.

Combustion Free

Unlike smoking, there is no combustion, which is associated with toxins entering the lungs and raising the risk of respiratory problems. You can vaporize cannabis to achieve the benefits you’re looking for without the hazards that smoking brings.

Customer support

Every kit includes unlimited customer support. A technician can walk you through the steps of setting up and using your kits. You also get 24/7 access to our exclusive support portal.